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When a trusted friend or a business peer tells you they know 'a guy' who does great work and stands behind that work, you will not think twice to hire the 'guy' to do that work for you, that he does so well. Therein lies the essence of
The Choice B2B Referral Network.

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target goal

Focused Goal

The TSM B2B Referral Program is designed to increase the customer-base of our member-businesses through our structured referral program. Referrals are golden opportunities to build solid relationships with new customers which invariably leads to customer loyalty and repeat business.

Member Support

In a nutshell, members support each other through the structured referral program, weekly meetings, business presentations and events. The Skill Market supports members through business promotions, marketing to consumers, business relevant tools and resources, designed to boost both business and the customer experience.

Local Chapters

The Meeting of The Minds B2B Referral system is conveniently zoned by local areas. The obvious reason is to effect referrals pertinent to local member businesses. Referrals can also be done for virtual businesses.

Chapter Seats

Each local chapter is made up of individual business owners representing a particular industry, referred to as a Seat. Once that industry seat is occupied, another business in the same industry cannot be a member of that chapter. This measure ensures the effectiveness of the referral program.

Grab the MOTM B2B Referral Seat for your industry!

Each specific business industry is represented by only one Seat in each local MOTM.

Become a local MOTM Leader and build a local team!

Create another income stream by leading a Choice B2B Referral MOTM in your local area.


Grow your business with solid referrals from your MOTM local chapter peers.


Build lasting relationships with other business owners across our social community.

Repeat Business

Direct referrals position you to be the 'guy' for people to whom you are recommended.

Business Support

There are a plethora of ways Network members are supported by The Skill Market.

Platform Marketing

We market directly to consumers in a variety of ways, so your business is always visible.

Business Campaigns

Grow your business by creating campaigns on our Marketing and Automation platform.

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